Mukoma-K. Nshinga, also known as “J. Style”, was introduced to street dance at the age of 7. His passion was fuelled by classic dance movies such as You Got Served. In his teens, he began throughly training in   Popping under Montreal’s elite: MonstaPop, 7 Starr and Venom. With an insatiable appetite for Hip Hop culture, he embarked on a succession of travels in order to learn from world renown dancers, compare his skills on an international scale and add styles to his lexicon, such as Bruk Up and Hip Hop.

His credits include television appearances on Quebec's dance tv show Révolution and in several commercials for Little Burgundy, Gaz Métro, Subway and Tourisme Montréal. He featured as the “Angel of Change” in the Kin Fables trilogy, recipient of the Best Cinematography prize at the Fantasia International Film Festival. He’s been a judge at Hit the Floor and has been invited to compete as a Canadian representative in countries such as Switzerland, France and Senegal.

Nowadays, J. Style divides his time between his digital projects with his collective, N’TERLUDES; his clothing brand, K A N K; his performance night, Open Body; and his career as an artist. Young with a promising future, Mukoma strives to inspire by paving an unorthodox path true to his way of dancing.